Condominium Flats Project By Serangoon Condo Homes Developers- Get All The Details Via E-Mail

Condominium flats project in Singapore by Serangoon Condo, real estate developers, have built the residential flats near to the (Ave North 1 Singapore), which is only thirty kilometers away from the airport. Developers of these projects are offering the customer to book a flat with minimum deposit of token money, but the token payment for the flats is different because these flats are developing in the sequence of one-bedroom, two-bedroom or five bedrooms and even more. All the information can be checked on the company’s website.

Inquiry on E-mail

Serangoon condo is providing their customer with the inquiry of flats via the E-mailing system of the company’s website. In this option, a person will be asked about their details and requirement of a flat because of variation in homes. Once they fulfill all the information, the company will contact them and send the entire pricing and valuation of a flat on their E-mail address.

Secondly, they can also contact the company via their phone number provided on the website. The working hours of the staff of the company are 9 am-8 pm in this duration a person gets enquiring about all the details of the project. Apart from all of these, considering the website of the company for flats details, a customer can even have the information about it.

  • Floors plan of the company
  • Locations details of the project
  • A facility in the buildings
  • Pricing and the token deposit


The pricing chart for the condo flats is updated on the website of the company every year with new pricing. This is done to provide the customer with update pricing and facilities for flats; generally, these developers provide homes in a good budget consideration. The chart of these amenities tells the customer about which flats are sold in the building and which are left for the sale. They all are decided according to the Br and study rooms. BR basically stands for bathrooms, and the pricing for each home varies if the person buys the additional rooms along with their flats.

The homes are built into the four blocks, and fifteen or twenty storey’s are in which the top floors are lowest in the pricing. The whole booking of the flats can directly be made on the company’s site, and the customer can get their registration pricing along with their E-mail address. The best part of considering the Affinity at Serangoon is that the company is more than twenty years in the real estate business, and the service quality of them is the finest. They hand over the flats to their customer within one to two years of projects beginning.